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Telepractice Now Available!

Montclair Memory Clinic is offering telepractice consultations and neuropsychological evaluations. Supportive services for caregivers and patients are available through telepractice.
Please call (973) 746-4555 to request an appointment.

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Improve Your Working Memory

Learn more about Cogmed Working Memory Training® for improving working memory and about what our Cogmed coaches can do for you

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Now Offering Sessions
on Cognitive Ability

Montclair Memory Clinic is now offering informational sessions regarding changes in cognitive abilities—such as memory—once a month starting January 22.

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Do I need a neuropsychological evaluation?

The diagnosis of neurocognitive disorders involves review of medical history, brain imaging, laboratory studies and a neuropsychological evaluation.

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Be Educated

Learn more about neuropsychology and the specialized knowledge in the applied science of brain-behavior relationships through our extensive resources.

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Learning to cope
with change

Comprehensive treatment therapy for cognitive disorders resulting from illness or injury.

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The Assessment

The Assessment

If your physician refers you for an evaluation or if you want to seek this vital evaluation yourself, here are the steps.


Treatment Plan

Diagnosis of a neurocognitive disorder does not mean that the condition is not treatable. In some cases, treatment can restore mental function. Treating the cause can make it easier to manage daily activities.


For Physicians

Primary care physicians or other physicians may raise concerns about cognitive changes in their patients. Referring patients for a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation is valuable in sorting out diagnostic considerations.

Welcome to Montclair Memory Clinic

If you are worried about changes in your cognitive abilities or those of a loved one, a neuropsychological evaluation will provide answers. The neuropsychologist integrates information from the patient’s medical history, laboratory tests and imaging studies with the examination to draw conclusions about diagnosis and to plan treatment.

At the Montclair Memory Clinic, our focus is on caring for adults with complaints of memory loss, inability to think as clearly and changes in personality. It’s important to distinguish between expected age-related changes in neurocognitive function and unexpected changes.

The clinic also:
  • Assists community physicians with the assessment and management of individuals with neurological conditions or other health conditions that impact cognitive function and interfere with performance of daily activities
  • Provides documentation for the differential diagnosis of dementia or other psychiatric/medical conditions
  • Assesses functional impact of neurodegenerative disorders
  • Provides interventions and useful tools to patients, caregivers and their families

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Doctor and Patient

Who We Are

Meet Our Team


We are four highly-qualified, experienced professionals with specifically relevant areas of expertise. Together, we provide a professional and comprehensive approach for the evaluation and treatment of patients suffering cognitive problems and for those with concerns. We are proud of our passion for our field, and for the level of care we provide.


Jacqueline A. Rondeau, Psy.D.


Monica R. Christian, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Coordinator

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