About Montclair Memory Clinic

If you are worried about changes in your cognitive abilities or those of a loved one, a neuropsychological evaluation will help identify whether the changes are normal and decipher what the possible reasons may be for said changes.

At the Montclair Memory Clinic, our focus is on caring for adults with complaints of memory loss, inability to think as clearly and changes in personality. It’s important to distinguish between expected age-related changes in neurocognitive function and unexpected changes.

The comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation increases diagnostic certainty of the presence and degree of decline from previous levels of adult function and examines the characteristics of strengths and weaknesses in the context of one’s health history. The purpose of the evaluation is to interpret findings as they correspond to known patterns of neurocognitive disorders or other conditions that account for any significant changes. The main goal is to help the individual and those they love fully understand the results of the evaluation and be prepared to cope effectively and make useful lifestyle changes.

You will not be left alone in your worries.

The clinic also:
  • Assists community physicians with the assessment and management of individuals with neurological conditions or other health conditions that impact cognitive function and interfere with performance of daily activities
  • Provides differential diagnosis of dementia or other neurological conditions
  • Assesses functional impact of neurodegenerative disorders
  • Provides interventions and useful tools to patients, caregivers and their families

Focused on Helping Patients and their Families

The Montclair Memory Clinic is focused on helping patients and their families navigate the healthcare system with the goal of devising the best possible treatment plan of care for individuals and families with concerns about loss of memory and thinking capacity and its effect on daily activities.

Montclair Memory Clinic is committed to incorporating evidence-based medicine and interdisciplinary collaboration in the delivery of an integrative patient-centered care. The Clinic is also a community-based resource to help residents access treatment for neurocognitive disorders and to alert the community to prevention of such disorders.

The Clinic strives to employ modern advances in diagnosis in order to detect neurocognitive disorders in the earliest stages and to be alert to effective preventative measures. The strategic focus for the Clinic is to develop and implement robust services that coordinate the best available care for individuals and their families.

The Clinic program is designed to encourage family and community support, foster communication amongst providers and caregivers, and provide effective management of neurocognitive disorders.

Changes in your health or chronic medical conditions can cause a change in your ability to make decisions, follow the steps to complete a complex task, or remember important information.

The Montclair Memory Clinic provides assessment of individuals who are experiencing changes in memory and other thinking skills. It also provides cognitive rehabilitation therapy, counseling, and support for caregivers.

Dr. Jacqueline Rondeau, Director

Jacqueline A. Rondeau, Psy.D.Dr. Jacqueline Rondeau is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in neuropsychology and cognitive rehabilitation. As the founder and director of Montclair Memory Clinic, she provides leadership and oversight of the clinic activities. As a neuropsychologist, she provides assessment of the cognitive-linguistic and emotional-behavioral effects of neurological conditions. She also provides cognitive rehabilitation therapy for patients who experience a significant change in function following traumatic brain injury, cerebrovascular accident, encephalopathy and other medical disorders.

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