Dr. Rondeau Provides Insight into Mild Cognitive Impairment in Two Recent Articles

Dr. Jacqueline Rondeau

Dr. Jacqueline Rondeau, founder and director of Montclair Memory Clinic, was recently interviewed about mild cognitive impairment in two online articles: 

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a rarely talked about and often misunderstood medical condition. With MCI, cognitive decline is greater than expected for a person’s age and education level. 

Many aging adults experience signs of memory decline. However, when these signs become too concerning to function normally, an appointment with a professional like Dr. Jacqueline Rondeau is needed. 

Some degree of cognitive decline as we age is normal. You may forget the name of an article you just read, but then you remember a little later. Or you may notice you’re a little slower processing new information or following verbal directions. People often call these experiences “senior moments.” Senior moments are fairly harmless and you can usually work around them.

However, some signs of memory loss indicate a more serious problem. Examples include forgetting a planned activity, having a conversation and forgetting it ever happened. When memory problems such as these start to worry you, that is the time to reach out to a doctor to have an assessment performed to check if your memory problems are atypical for your age and background. 

MCI identification can lead to preventive treatment, as well, by controlling risks. Some individuals may remain stable, others may return to “normal,” and a few may experience further cognitive decline. The earlier you get a diagnosis, the more that can be done to treat it and manage it effectively, as both these articles show.

Dr. Rondeau has been treating people with memory decline for nearly two decades. If you have concerns about memory loss or other cognitive issues, or would like to have an assessment performed, please contact Dr. Rondeau or our office to set up an appointment.